Claudia Eubanks Photography | About
How did I get into photography? I guess you can blame my dad. You see, ever since I can remember, my dad's been clicking away. The man is hardly ever without a camera (or two) in his hands. Even as a child I remember hanging out with him in his dark room watching him perform magic. Maybe it was the fumes from all the chemicals, but back then I thought making those images appear out of nowhere was truly magical. I still do.

Even though film has given way to the digital age, creating a memorable picture is still like magic to me. It's hard to define what makes a "good picture"; sometimes I know it the second I look through the camera. The way the light falls on someone's hair, the way the colors play against each other, the way the composition looks in the frame. But not every element in an image has to be perfect for it to be magical. Just like in life, when we let down our guard and stop trying to be perfect that's when we begin feeling real emotions. When I'm able to capture that in a photograph, it's truly magical.

I studied photography in high school where I was voted "Most Likely to be... photographer for Ranger Rick Magazine." I guess you could say I was a bit of a photo junkie from the start. Then in college I began as a photojournalism major, but eventually changed my focus to print journalism. My writing career started at the Houston Post and the Dallas Morning News. In 1995 I decided that law school sounded like fun (Ack!) and I started my journey to the dark side. I graduated law school in 1998 and I eventually became a litigator. Hundreds of motions, countless hearings and over a million hours in boring depositions later, my passion for photography reared its head and the call was too strong to deny. So, voila! In 2009 my love of photography turned into my livelihood - Claudia Eubanks Photography. And I have never been happier!!!